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Aristotle recognised that effective communication entails both a rational element—where knowledge and reasoning play a role—and a more emotional one motivated by sentiments and values. It is in the recognition of these two aspects that social capital is nurtured. At the core of that social capital rests our ability to establish a solid ground for trust and reciprocity.

Trust as a communicative act manifests itself in our decisions, stated in sound arguments and based on ethical norms and recognised knowledge. It becomes the foundation for innovative ideas, growth, and effective productivity.

Kannan emerges advocating for a bespoke, sensible, intelligent trust. A trust that conveys uniqueness, awareness, alignment with one’s reality and vision, and one that incessantly grows distinctive in identity and evokes that idiosyncratic sentiment that we recognise as deeply ours.

Such trust takes time to develop. It must be cultivated. It is not static in its proclamation but rather in a perpetual process of maturity. Like every other human dimension, it grows as a result of repeated acts of competence, dependability and integrity.

In an ever more automated and fast-paced world, that sort of relational trust serves, more so than talent, abilities or methodologies, as the propeller of ideas, the bonding link between the different layers of social capital and the generator of shared value, granting interactions with a considerable competitive edge.